We would like to introduce you to our friends

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Reflow is an Amsterdam-based social enterprise. We love them, and their mission:

Old Plastic, New Design

At Reflow, we’ve designed an approach to recycle plastic waste from locations all around the world into a range of superb, sustainable materials for 3D printing. By building a collaborative ecosystem of recyclers, makers and designers we can tackle plastic pollution, support local communities and co-create beautiful design.

You can see why we love them so much! So far, Cyrc has worked with Reflow to create two products out of recycled PET. Both products are produced by Reflow in Amsterdam. We are excited to continue combining our efforts for greater sustainability and beauty. Our companies share many of the same values and a vision of sustainable and meaningful design. With near 7 billion tonnes of plastic waste to tackle a collaborative mindset is crucial, which is why partnerships like this are so valuable.