Cyrc is short for circular. This is how we want to do business. We create products that connect with people functionally and aesthetically, but we also engage with them to change the landscape of manufacturing and consumption. We want our products to reinforce the idea that every object we use is a temporary manifestation of materials and energy.  We are designing for a circular economy.

Our Solution

Recycling + 3D printing. We’re employing 3D printing to create an on-demand and efficient manufacturing process that can produce lighting and other home essentials from waste stream plastics and non-toxic biopolymers. We are working towards building an in-house recycling system that will allow us to offer our customers value back for returning our products to us to be remanufactured. This is a simple and straightforward way we can offer products and ensure that the materials, and all the energy and resources they embody, don’t end up in the wrong place as waste, but remain healthy elements in our cycles of technical and biological nutrients.