What it's made of now is about where it came from and where it's going. 

The Satellite collection is 3D printed using a few different PLA materials. The canopy and socket cups are printed with an extraordinarily handsome carbon fiber infused PLA from Proto-Pasta in the USA. The addition of carbon fiber also give this filament the strength and rigidity needed by the canopy. The decorative shades are printed in a subtle sparkle infused Burn Orange or a smooth matte finish cellulose infused filament in Emerald Green. The shades are swappable and may be available in other materials and colors. At Cyrc we want to use to recycled plastics as much as possible to give a material that has already been produced a longer life as a new durable product and then make sure it gets recycled into a new product at the end of that life - making it circular. Unfortunately, we haven't yet found a recycled source of filament for 3D printing that matches the beauty of the virgin PLA filament used in this product. It was a tough call to make, but we're working on a solution. 
PLA (polylactic acid) 
PLA is amazing. It's commonly used in 3D printing because of its excellent extrusion properties. It's even used in medical implants because it's non-toxic and gradually dissolves in the body. It's made from renewable plant-based sources such as corn starch, cassava roots, or sugarcane.  Although technically biodegradable*, it's not going away too easily. It needs industrial composting to completely break down into innocuous lactic acid. In a landfill, it's expected to hang around for a few hundred years, but during that time it won't leach any toxins into the land, unlike other plastics. Still, we don't want people throwing away perfectly good materials or using them one time only. This is why we are working on in-house recycling of our durable products into new ones, keeping this beautiful biopolymer in a cycle as a technical nutrient. Please let us when our product is at the end of it's days with you and we will happily take back that product to be re-manufactured.