Carbon Ramen Ceiling

$315 CAD

The Ramen collection takes its name from the patterned undulating lines that resemble those beloved instant soup noodles. The classic cylinder shape of the ceiling light is enlivened by the tactile texture made possible by the 3D printing process. 

These opaque flush-mounted ceiling lights provide downlight anywhere you need them.

LED Bulb included. 120vac Par20 Dimmable 3000k 7w 506 lumens

Diameter: 13cm (5 1/8in) 

Height: Short 17.1cm (6 3/4in), Tall 22.5 cm (8 7/8 in)

Made to order in Montréal, Québec. Available in Canada and the USA.

Spec Sheet

We are happy to assist you in a custom order, please contact us.


Decorative lights are more than mere decoration. Emitting light is more than just functional. Choosing your lighting is an aesthetic choice in creating the perfect atmosphere.  

Two important parameters of this choice are both the amount of light the fixture produces and the color temperature of the light. We choose a standard interchangeable LED bulb or built-in LED for our products, but most products can be configured with different light sources that change the output and the color temperature. Check the product spec sheet and description to see the standard light configuration, but don't hesitate to contact us for other options so you can create the right ambience for your project. 

Dimming gives you control to set the tone. All our products are use dimmable LED technology, but there are different ways to dim an LED. Check out spec sheet or each product for the type of dimming required and contact us with any questions. 

Your product is made just for you! We typically won't create a stock of products, but instead, leverage the flexibility of 3D printing by manufacturing-on-demand.  This helps us produce efficiently with near zero waste. 

Products can take up to 4-6 weeks to be ready for shipping, but it's often faster. If you need your order expedited please contact   

What it's made of now is about where it came from and where it's going. 

The Ramen collection is 3D printed with an extraordinarily handsome carbon fiber infused PLA from Proto-Pasta in the USA. At Cyrc we want to use to recycled plastics as much as possible to give a material that has already been produced a longer life as a new durable product and then make sure it gets recycled into a new product at the end of that life - making it circular. Unfortunately, we haven't yet found a recycled source of filament for 3D printing that matches the beauty of the virgin PLA filament used in this product. It was a tough call to make, but we're working on a solution. 
Please let us know when our product is at the end of it's days with you and we will direct you towards local recycling or returning the product back to us to be re-manufactured. Our goal is always to keep this beautiful technical nutrient in a circular economy.
PLA (polylactic acid) 
PLA is amazing. It's commonly used in 3D printing because of its excellent extrusion properties. It's even used in medical implants because it's non-toxic and gradually dissolves in the body. It's made from renewable plant-based sources such as corn starch, cassava roots, or sugarcane.  Although technically biodegradable*, it's not going away too easily. It needs industrial composting to completely break down into innocuous lactic acid. In a landfill, it's expected to hang around for a few hundred years, but during that time it won't leach any toxins into the land, unlike other plastics. PLA is durable and valuable material that is easy to recycle. A dirt nap should always be a last resort.

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