$602 CAD
The Satellite collection brings together the timeless language of black lines and globe bulbs with unique configurations and decorative shades. The spherical bulbs jut out from the ceiling, orbiting around their canopy in a contemporary sculptural fashion. Our selection of preconfigured fixtures play with asymmetry and order. Choose a model with decorative shades you want to add further playfulness and the right accent colors or leave the bulbs naked for a clean minimalist look. 
SAT-ENT_00(E26) - 3 x E26 base G25 bulbs, 2400 total lumens, plain bulb cups, no shades. 
SAT-ENT_00(E12) - 3 x E12 base G16 bulbs, 1050 total lumens, plain bulb cups, no shades. 
SAT-ENT_01 - 3 x E26 Base G25 bulbs with two SAT-01 shades and one SAT-03 shade. 
The 3D printed parts of this lamp are made from PLA filament. PLA is a non-toxic and biodegradable polymer produced from renewable sources. The PLA used in this product comes from Natureworks and is made into filament by the talented artists/engineers at Proto-Pasta in Vancouver, Washington, USA. The color is created by a small amount of automotive pearlescent pigment, with the except of the Carbon black which gets its color and texture from a small amount of carbon fiber strands. For information visit our Materials & Components page. 

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